echo topos switzerland

Christian Zehnder will be kicking off his interdisciplinary art project at the Alpentöne festival: ECHO TOPOS SWITZERLAND. The goal of this long-term project is a publically accessible echo archive with a topographic index, hiking maps, regional information and a very special echo publication. more...


songs from new space mountain - solo works

Vocalist, vocal artist, yodeler or overtone singer? Although each of these descriptions may apply, the idiosyncratic Swiss musician, who first shook up alpine music with the incomparable Duo Stimmhorn and enjoys cult status, does not want his creative variety to be subjected to categorisations. Christian Zehnder's musical world draws from the archaic expressiveness of the human voice and is rooted wholly in the topos of the alpine world. more...

oloid live

With their voices, drums and the archaic sub-basses of their wooden „Organ Mouth Pipes“, Christian Zehnder and Gregor Hilbe orbit the magical sculpture „Oloid“, combining roots and avant-garde music into a peculiar, singular experience beyond any categorisations of style. more...

lausch - imaginary alpine chamber music

Between the breathing of sleeping mountain valleys and the whispering of conifers in the wind, songs ring out, carrying memories of a forgotten imaginary homeland. Cimbalom and voice meet, enmeshing and tousling each other like cloud formations against the steep mountain mass, becoming a self-contained sculpture of sound from the alpine space. more...





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Zehnder Kraah

Christian Zehnder Quartett / Schmelz


Zehnder with Kold / Popple music


music theatre


Oops, wrong planet!

A queda do ceu

Talk with my turntables

Odem / Melos / Am Zyt schiint d'Sunne


Genom Genesis

Verlust der Stille


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