christian zehnder quartett / schmelz


From the firn of glistening alpine slopes, the wellspring flows through the valleys and onwards into the stream of time, heated by the cities. Red dust, carried by the South wind, settles on the glacier tongues, and for an instant I almost believe that I can see a caravan traversing the mountain ridge. In the hospice at the Gotthard pass, a lost traveller coaxes the notes of a tango from his bandoneon, while the innkeeper tells me of his wedding in far-off Mesopotamian lands. At the summit cross of Piz Bernina, a Frenchman gives up magnolia petals to the radiant heavenly sphere, crying as he takes his farewells from a lost love. By the wayside of a steeply ascending path, a smoking melancholic wheezes to me about the standstill of his legs, his life, and from the transistor radio of the caretaker in a mountain cottage, the lively pulse of Cuban life rattles along to the joyful cries of the last mountain farmers to drive their cows through the Alps... (Christian Zehnder)

schmelz is probably Christian Zehnder's most eclectic work, and forms the conclusion of the trilogy kraah, gländ, schmelz.

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christian zehnder
vocals, yodeling, overtone singing,
laudola, bandoneon

barbara schirmer
swiss cimbalom

thomas weiss
percussion, drums

michael pfeuti
double bass, bassetto