echo topos switzerland

call into the mountains - the mountain is calling

An interactive cultural project by Christian Zehnder

"The Swiss call out into the mountains — and the mountains call back: In the echo, we meet ourselves, and an authentic fragment of home. Between the mountains, valleys, rock faces, forests, lakes and meadows of the alps, a mythical sphere of sound unfolds, one which has to date never been localised, nor documented or mapped. — Echotopos Switzerland calls upon all mountain-goers, alpinists, hikers, farmers and gamekeepers, families, people young and old, those who have fled the city and those who are addicted to the mountains, locals and strangers, to lend a voice to the ‹alpine soundscape›." Christian Zehnder

In the shape of a new web platform and app (iPhone and Android), Switzerland's first echo archive is growing. Whether you're local or just visiting: Everyone is welcome to contribute to the echo archive by localising and registering a personally discovered echo location. In return, you can suggest a name related to the location, and gain your own insight in the search for the call of the mountains. — Echotopos Switzerland exists to be listened to and marveled at by all those who want to know how Switzerland really sounds.


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In collaboration with: New Space Mountain, Idee und Klang, PeakFinder, Echtzeit Verlag