imaginary alpine chamber music

christian zehnder (ch)
vocals, overtone vocals,
wippcordeon, cervial zither

barbara schirmer (ch)
swiss cymbalom

Between the breathing of sleeping mountain valleys and the whispering of conifers in the wind, songs ring out, carrying memories of a forgotten imaginary homeland. Cimbalom and voice meet, enmeshing and tousling each other like cloud formations against the steep mountain mass, becoming a self-contained sculpture of sound from the alpine space.

Barbara Schirmer and Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn/Kraah/Oloid) are amongst the most important exponents of a „new alpine music“. In recent years, they have turned the term „folk music“ into a personal architecture of sound of their own, and in doing so, have become well known far beyond Switzerland's borders.

After GLÄND, LAUSCH is the second collaboration between these two musicians and leads into an entirely unique world of new alpine chamber music.

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