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christian zehnder / gregor hilbe      guest: matthias loibner

With their voices, drums and the archaic sub-basses of their wooden „Organ Mouth Pipes“, Christian Zehnder and Gregor Hilbe orbit the magical sculpture „Oloid“, combining roots and avant-garde music into a peculiar, singular experience beyond any categorisations of style.

Cosmopolitan and drummer Gregor Hilbe (Tangocrash, Vienna Art Orchestra) moves uncompromisingly in free fall between a symbiosis of jazz avant-garde and electronic music. Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn, Kraah) on the other hand is to be found on the very frontiers of the unchained, archaic and unfathomable emotionality of the human voice within the alpine space. Thus, they both have their own unmistakeable artistic cosmos, which could not be more different. It is this point in particular which fuels the interest of these musicians in each others work and lets their musical systems expand into a new whole, using amongst other things their quirky choice of instruments, such as their „Organ Mouth Pipes“. Their work – conceptionally well-considered and yet invariably lively – combines the traditions of different ages and transcends them into the present. It's not just on their unprecedented studio recordings that the two sound tinkerers prove their skills. Nobody would have thought it possible for them to be able to translate their ambitious studio work for the stage. For their impressive live performance, they are now joined in their orbit by one of the most innovative and well-known hurdy-gurdy virtuosos of our time:

Matthias Loibner has been wandering through all musical styles and scenes for more than 25 years. In the fascinating sound of his instrument, simultaneously old and modern, he collects impressions of his travels and encounters, and does so with an incomparable virtuosity and expressiveness. This expressive manner of playing has brought him the nickname „Jimi Hendrix of the hurdy-gurdy“. However, he is also responsible for the first adaptation of Joseph Haydn’s works for the hurdy-gurdy (lira organizzata), has gone on the trail of xylophone music in South and East Africa, and of the loneliness of the organ-grinder in Schubert's Winter Journey. His profound repertoire between classical and electronic music, between tradition and imagination accompanies him on his ceaseless search for new sounds.


”...an outstanding, irritating album straddling the border between improvisation, contemporary music, meta-folklore and sound sculpture... With it, they frequently succeed in surprising the listener and creating hitherto unheard sounds. This is improvisation on another level, or to be precise, a self-sustaining form of music in its own right, independent of existing styles.”

- jazz thing

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christian zehnder (CH)
vocals, organ mouth pipes, bandoneon

gregor hilbe (FL)
percussion, organ mouth pipes, electronics

matthias loibner (A)
hurdy-gurdy, electronics
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amadis brugnoni
technics & sound design

supported by: Fachausschuss Musik Basel Land/Basel Stadt, Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Fondation SUISA



oloid (studio)
oloid (studio)

oloid (live)
matthias loibner

matthias loibner
matthias loibner



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