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Christian Zehnder and Tobias Preisig can both be considered frontier workers of their profession. One has a reputation as a pioneer of a new, subversive alpine music drawn from tradition, the other as a rarely seen jewel of the young Swiss jazz scene. The human voice encounters the unleashed sounds of the violin: In the moody, hushed reverberations of throat singing, these are finely spun, non-domesticated worlds of sound.


tobias preisig

The young violinist Tobias Preisig has been considered an insider tip and shooting star of the Swiss jazz scene ever since the release of his surprising first solo CD. His incomparable style has earned him a number of awards, and soon made him a sought-after soloist in different formations such as George Gruntz, Luciano Biondini, Thomas Demenga, et al. He performed to great acclaim at prestigious festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Jazz Festival Willisau and the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad. The recording of a first CD with George Gruntz was followed by his debut album „Flowing Mood“, which unites jazz and the violin with a peculiar force and before long made his quartet a much sought-after jazz live act both in Switzerland and abroad.