songs from new space mountain

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Vocalist, vocal artist, yodeler or overtone singer? Although each of these descriptions may apply, the idiosyncratic Swiss musician, who first shook up alpine music with the incomparable Duo Stimmhorn and enjoys cult status, does not want his creative variety to be subjected to categorisations. Christian Zehnder's musical world draws from the archaic expressiveness of the
human voice and is rooted wholly in the topos of the alpine world. Working from the environments of (musical) theatre and contemporary music, he has developed a completely unique form of music far from any traditions, which can also be understood to be an imaginary utopian vision of home. As a soloist, composer and director, he transforms the cultural essentials of the alpine creative space within a wide range of different creative disciplines, and thus establishes an independent, uncompromising artistic vision of his own: The new space mountain.

songs from new space mountain shows glimpses of the versatile works of this vocal performer, who, without using a single word, becomes the narrator of an independent, epic world of sound: Powerful, archaic, and sometimes a bit alien.

christian zehnder (ch)
vocals, overtone singing, global yodelling

manipulated instruments:
wippkordeon, whistles, trümpi, diving goggles, schelle, minimoog, electronic tanpura and others

press quotes

”, he is a sensation, a spectacle of nature. His appearance is unostentatious, but when he gets going, he unleashes a storm. His lank body inflates, ghostly sounds escape his pointed mouth, and within seconds, Zehnder switches from the dirtiest retching sounds to the purest vibrato. His baritone becomes an alphorn, his breath an aria..." 

- Sonntagszeitung

” of the great vocal artists of our age is creating nothing less than a folk music of the future, free from ideology, which values the canon of traditional idioms only as an universal library.”

- jazz thing

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