1996 - 2009

After countless projects in the fields of music, theatre and film, many CDs and magnificent tours around the world, Balthasar Streiff and Christian Zehnder made their last appearance as Duo Stimmhorn in November 2009, finally saying goodbye to their audience after 14 successful years.

In the beginning was the alphorn. Then came the first overtones: Unhinged sounds before a sublime backdrop of mountains. „stimmhorn“ left behind all attempts at categorisation and played their music straight past all genres: With references to various styles of music and in combination with theatrical elements, using instruments and song, the duo invented acoustic journeys between traditional and experimental worlds of sound. „stimmhorn“ became an international label for simultaneously alien and familiar sounds from the alpine lands, enjoying cult status far beyond its borders.

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”...Extremely serious, technically brilliant, and totally crazy .... You just have to experience it! They belong in a category closer to art than to music; they are typical local, living sculptures - and much more amusing than Gilbert and George...”

- The Guardian


”...«stimmhorn» are a stroke of luck, two musicians and performers who understand each other blindly and from that congeniality have developed something the like of which didn't exist before: alien chansons for folk-themed evenings, with strangers as guests.“

- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

duo stimmhorn - trioahattalaha


samples (igloo - with kold electronics)



samples (inland)



samples (schnee)