verlust der stille

1999 / theater basel

A collective creation featuring five actors of the Theater Basel, consisting of a musical and theatrical experiment without words about the inner and outer silence of our lives.

christian zehnder conception & director
matthias günther dramaturgy
music stimmhorn


”...this one-hour piece is of an unbelievable musical precision, where every note seems almost coincidental, but is in fact coordinated with great exactness and finesse.With dream-like implicitness they show us, how magnificent even the most every-day of sounds can be: The crackling of fire, the tintinnabulation of a pinball machine, the noise of trains and streets.„Verlust der Stille“ (Loss of silence) is joined up like an autumn breeze; a wind-chime made from metal and woods, which conveys a feeling of pure warmth and safety...“

- Süddeutsche Zeitung