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”In the age of “anything goes” it isn't easy to invent a hitherto unheard style of music of one's own. Sounds from all parts of the world seem familiar, especially if they are quoted in rather superficial fusions. Christian Zehnder and his musicians, on the other hand, live up to the challenge of creating a truly new, singular style... It is rare that musicians succeed in uniting spirit and feeling in individualistic timbres this convincingly.

- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


"...that all this does not result in a multi-cultural slurry is owed largely to the precision with which Zehnder explores his environment, and to the relentlessness with which he conveys his perceptions: Instead of reproducing clichés, he locates the point at which the throaty sounds of Arabic migrants becomes yodeling, the groove of a milking machine turns into a psychedelic beat, and animalistic roaring crosses over into meditative overtones..."

- Tagesspiegel

"...Take Christian Zehnder, who's developed his own freestyle vocalise, incorporating elements of jazz and contemporary music. Unclassifiable stuff, but his vocal range makes him one of the world's most amazing performers...”

- Time Out


" of the great vocal artists of our age is creating nothing less than a folk music of the future, free from ideology, which values the canon of traditional idioms only as an universal library..."

- Jazz thing


”...Zehnder remains a gripping storyteller without words. In his face and in his singing, the Alps collapse and the Mongolian grassland opens up. Overtones whirr, yodels pass in swarms, fall into the gutter and arise as arias. The music is – largely thanks to the band – a bit more compact than it was with Stimmhorn, a bit more accessible, more groovy, and lighter. Exciting and definitely worth listening to..."

- Neue Zürcher Zeitung


"...the result is as hearty as it is avant-garde, as profound as it is danceable. A marvellous mix, which the audience celebrates with standing ovations..."

- Südkurier


" brachial Zehnder's bodily exertions really are can be experienced in concert. Live, he is a sensation, a spectacle of nature. His appearance is unostentatious, but when he gets going, he unleashes a storm. His lank body inflates, ghostly sounds escape his pointed mouth, and within seconds, Zehnder switches from the dirtiest retching sounds to the purest vibrato. His baritone becomes an alphorn, his breath an aria..."

- Sonntagszeitung


"...A discovery... The next day, Christian Zehnder came to the Marstall – and enchanted his audience. The Swiss musician, who has made overtone singing his speciality, presents himself as a mix of star baritone, clown, Mongolian shaman, Alpine herdsman, Klaus Nomi and Phil Minton, light-heartedly blending folk music, world music, classical music and jazz. The unusual vibrations of his vocal chords are interspersed with yodeling, burping, cooing and cawing, and develop such staggering charm, such wit, such virtuosity, that he had his audience stamping with enthusiasm by the time the show ended..."

- Münchner Abendzeitung


"...Wonderful concert. Unbelivable, Christian Zehnders fantastic voice brings all the singers in one, we worked at the last 20 years..."

- David Harrington, Kronos Quartett


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